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girl and her dog hiking half dome yosemite together. dog is in a backpack!  


Isabell + Loaf here! We accidentally started a little adventure of an art shop, but we’re so thrilled to see where this’ll go!

Here’s a quick backstory of how we started a little art shop by accident. It all started from silly little doodles. I’m a photographer by trade (@chiarashine) — and during some free time from covid-postponed shoots, started drawing little illustrations of @loafthepup and and his best friends, favorite things, and (mis)adventures. These little illustrations became little animations... and some of them, GIFS! Many of Loaf’s friends started reaching out for commissions, and the rest is history! It’s crazy to think that people love our little story doodles so much that they’d like to have one of their own --  meanwhile, Loaf is just stoked that this means more treats for him.

So here we are!! An artist and her pup starting a little shop together! Never could have thought! Thanks so much for supporting and rooting us on!!! We’re so excited to bring you along on the journey!